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I’ve included Jack’s Latest messages sent February 27, 2015 and February 13, 2015

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Current Conditions

As of February 13, 2015, The Tethers of Service began to release en masse, resulting in a powerful wave of exiting energy. As I mentioned in my last message, the Tethers of Service are now coming to fruition and this has translated into an energy upheaval that is occurring both Globally and personally. As the cords, contracts and connected energy to the Tethers of Service are released, an adjustment-reset- in the internal and external environment must occur.

Some may have noticed a shift beginning on February 10 but for most it began on the 13th and is still on-going. It may continue for some until the Summer Solstice but for most it will terminate on the Spring Equinox.

Physically, deep pain, likely within the bones or digestive system, may now be again re-surfacing as the fear and anger connected to the aforementioned agreements are being released. In addition, one may experience lethargy, fatigue and weight gain as the body adjusts to the new climate changes.

During the last week, beginning on Sunday February 22, 2015-
the energy wave may have surfaced in one’s external environment and a powerful reset is now in full force. Since this time, we have been experiencing a constant onslaught of resets which have been occurring literally on top of one another. This week may have been uncomfortable for some but this only validates that a new wave of consciousness has now arrived. We, as a collective, are taking giant leaps forward and this leap is just the first of many that will occur this year.

Once and for all, long standing life lessons are now being presented for release. This will explain why you may be re-experiencing paradigms that you thought long ago were healed. It is analogous to the final gasp for breath before they are let go. “Coming full circle” is applicable here.

Collectively, We are building a New Earth and We cannot move into our New Home until we have cleared the clutter from our lives and our beings. Thankfully, The Vulture is assisting in releasing us from old and decaying energy. In addition, He is purifying our bodies and our beings; allowing new connections, ideas and inspiration to take hold.

If you need help, Murphie is here…

While I receive each of Jack’s messages, one of my Watchers will sit by my computer and ‘charge’ the message. I don’t usually mention this unless they ask me to do so and Murphie is asking me now.

Murphie Leigh wanted me to mention that she has “powered” this message. She is a logistics officer and sends energy, direction and information to the Watchers on the receiving end of Jack’s messages.

Personally, however, Murphie can help you release energy that inhibits and squelches your Personal Power.

This Lady is formidable and She is offering Her services. If you are having issues related to Power, call on Murphie and ask Her to assist.

Be direct, be firm and be resolute in your request.

Jean, the Watchers and I are incredibly Grateful for our Allegiance and our Connection. Hesitate not to call upon us to assist in your evolution, especially now. We are all working to create a New Earth and a New Age and it is now time to reach out to those who have the same vision and purpose.

Jack, The Watcher
via Jean, his human companion

To schedule a session with Jean and The Watchers, you can email Jean directly:
Jeanrockefeller@comcast.net or Graywolf64@hotmail.com
or visit my website:
Jean Rockefeller Website

The Gaia Connection February 13, 2015

Tethers of Service

Since 12/21/12 when we began to ascend in earnest, Gaia has increased greatly in frequency and power. This has allowed the Gaia Collective to shift and embrace the New Earth Energies that have been made available to us all. Personally, this translates into an accelerated growth pattern which will be accentuated by the release of the Tethers of Service that have bound many of us for lifetimes.

During this year of 2015, it is likely that the individual will witness more personal growth than they have ever been able to previously experience. Because many of you are clearing on behalf of the Gaia Collective, you have experienced steady growth but the process may have been painfully slow at times. This is due to the heavy “Tethers of Service” and accompanying soul obligations that the Legion of Light has contracted to serve on behalf of the Gaia Collective. During 2015, many of these contracts will now come to fruition and be released from the individual. This will truly be a welcomed relief.

The Black Vulture will be our guiding energy from now until the Spring Equinox. (For some, his energy will stay until the Summer Solstice.) His energy includes Death, Rebirth and Purification but most importantly, Transformation. As Vultures prefer long standing rotting energy, He will aid in releasing the ancient and decaying cords that have bound us to others.

During 2015 a separation of sorts will begin. As the Legion of Light begins to be released from long standing soul obligations, they will soon find their wings and begin to soar ever higher into the ethers. New dreams and new realms await!

What is the Gaia Collective?

At this point, I asked Jack to elaborate and explain in more detail the Gaia Collective and the Legion of Light.

 The Gaia Collective is the sum of the whole of the beings that dwell upon this planet. All parts are equally important and contribute equally.

The Legion of Light are those beings who have contracted to be here, on this planet, at this time to assist in the Ascension of the Gaia Collective. The Legion of Light spans all of the kingdoms: Animal, Vegetable and Mineral. They are the strongest among us as the weight they carry is immense. By now, We are tired and worn out, having to pull along those whom we are contractually bound. Gladly, we have completed many of these contracts and soon we will be free of their burdensome energy. Some of these contracts were released last year, in 2014 but for most of us, 2015 will bring us freedom from those who have slowed our progress.

The Rooster formally known as Dottie

Jordyn’s fabulous artistic rendition of Valtaris

After asking the rooster formally known as Dottie, multiple times, what he would like to be called, the name Valtaris came to me early one morning. I was gently awakened and I could feel a presence. “I am Valtaris.”

Still somewhat in a daze I asked, “Who are you?” And before I could receive a response, I knew it was Dottie.

“I am Valtaris.” He repeated. “My name is Valtaris.” He said again, just in case I hadn’t heard it the first two times.

” Valtaris it is, but you know John is still going to call you Dave? or Donnie?” If a rooster could smile, I felt him smile.

I wanted to thank everyone who offered a name for the Rooster. When I asked you for suggestions, I knew that I would either receive a name via one of you or the rooster would finally offer me a name.

Upcoming Events!

 I am truly thrilled to again be a guest on Heavenly Blessings with Suzanne Maresca! We are keeping with the Friday the 13th energy theme.

Our show was recorded on Friday February 13, 2015 and will air Sunday, February 15 at 7pm.

All of our shows have taken place on Friday the 13ths. Friday the 13th is an important date to the Knights Templar as on this day in 1307(Friday, October 13, 1307) they were rounded up and persecuted, en masse. This date and day holds a tremendous amount of energy for both me and Jack as we both carry the Templar Lineage. This was not a coincidence and I was just told today that our efforts have helped to clear the Tethers of Service connected to the Templar lineage.

Heavenly Blessings

Suzanne and I were wondering why our connections only occurred on Friday the 13th’s, and now we know!

I am equally thrilled to be a guest on Journeys with JayPee on

Monday- February 23, 2015 from 8 -10p, EST

And there’s more…

Beginning in Mid March, Lady Minerva (Minnie) and I will be offering in- person Healing Sessions at Healing Your Way, in Richboro, PA.
Please contact Healing Your Way for availability.
Healing Your Way

An Invitation to Group Healing 3

Wherever you are in the world On January 1, 2014 at 11am your time, the Watchers and multiple High Frequency Brethren will be present for a global healing of the fear of scarcity as connected to the energy of betrayal entitled Group Healing 3. This healing event is done through intention and not through a direct physical connection. The success of this event lies in the etheric connection of the willing participants through their collective power of intention.

To participate, the directions are as follows…

First: On January 1, 2014 at 11am YOUR TIME recite the declarations provided below for both you and Gaia. (This alone will be tremendously beneficial.)

Second: Then join the Watchers, human participants, and High Frequency Benevolent Beings in meditation and intend that the energy of betrayal and the fear of scarcity be healed and transformed.

If you are unable to participate on January 1, 2014 at 11am your time, merely join us when you are available and intend that your energy and intention be merged with that of Group Healing 3.

Third: Send an RSVP email to Jackthewatcher@gmail.com. (This is not necessary unless you would like to receive a recap of the outcome of Group Healing 3 from Jack.)

The Watchers request that you recite the following declarations aloud before you begin your meditation:

“I now rescind all cords and contracts that hinder my well-being and prevent me from realizing my full and Divinely planned potential. I declare that this be done as afforded me under my Divine Rights that are deemed by Creator and mandated by my Divine Birthright. I declare that these cords and contracts be cleared NOW throughout my entire lineage and being, past, present and future and throughout all layers and levels of time, space and dimension. So be it. Amen.”

For Gaia:

“I declare dominion over Gaia, my Earth Mother and my Nurturer. In doing so, I am exerting My Right of Free Will and request the assistance of the Highest Frequency Beings to act on Her behalf. On behalf of Gaia, I declare the following:

“I now rescind all cords and contracts that hinder Gaia’s well-being and prevent Her from realizing Her full and Divinely planned potential. I declare that this be done as afforded Gaia under Her Divine Rights that are deemed by Creator and mandated by Her Divine Birthright. I declare that these cords and contracts be cleared NOW throughout Gaia’s entire lineage and being, past, present and future and throughout all layers and levels of time, space, and dimension. So be it, Amen.”

I have received many emails about “so be it, Amen.” at the end of the declarations. Jack knows that it’s redundant but the two endings together complete a matrix. If you would rather say something else at the end such as Namaste, or Thank you, that is perfectly fine. Say whatever you feel is best for you.

Even if you do not participate wholly in Group Healing 3, merely reciting these declarations on January 1, 2014 at 11am your time (or through intending on reciting them at this time) and intending that your declaration be merged with Group Healing 3, will have a positive effect not only for you but for all those involved.

I gratefully and abundantly thank you in advance for your participation.

Many Blessings of Peace and Prosperity,
Jack, The Watcher through my faithful human companion, Jean

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Jack, The Watcher

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Thanks for reading and sharing!

Warmly, Jean

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Wisdom from the Watchers

Group Healing II: An Oceanic Healing Event:

On September 21, 2013 at 3pm, The Watchers will be coordinating with multiple collaborations and the purpose is to extend healing into the Waters on Planet Earth.  We are extending an invitation to all who wish to participate.   This event will occur on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 3pm  your time.  Remember that  linear time is an illusion!

Wherever you are in the World, on Saturday September 21 at 3pm your time, join us in meditation and intend on sending Healing and the Light of  Transformation into the Waters on and in this Planet.  The Watchers along with multiple High Frequency Brethren Collectives will be assisting in gathering all of your healing and funneling them into the Waters through the physical efforts of humanity. If you would like to participate, please send an  RSVP email to Jackthewatcher@gmail.com.

A positive tertiary effect of this event will be on the water that exists within all life on this planet will too be transformed and healed.  This includes the water that is contained  within the human body and all of the Animae as well as the Plant kingdom.  In addition, there are multiple other beings that reside on this planet that contain water within their physical bodies that will benefit.  In short, a cleansing of the emotional body as well as the physical body will occur for the participant as well as the intended recipients of this event. 

If you would like to participate and will not be available on the 21st at 3pm, all you have to do is send healing to the Water, as instructed above.  Do so when you have time and intend that your healing be merged with the energy of:

Group Healing II: An Oceanic Healing Event

occurring at 3pm on Saturday September 21. 


Dawna-representive of the Dolphin Collective


The Watchers

The Blue Whale

The Audience

Now, onto the News…

Hello Friends!

I was sitting at my desk, texting with my friend, Nan.  Nan is the human companion of a Watcher named Copper.  As I was texting with Nan, My cat William jumped up onto my desk. This annoyed me because William frequently lies on my computer, purrs like a Mack truck and licks my arm; his tongue is like 80 grit sandpaper.  I looked at William and asked him to get down.  He turned his head and said telepathically, “Tell Nan I am working with Copper.”  William infrequently communicates with me but when he does he usually says something extraordinary so I paid attention.  As I looked into his eyes and asked him telepathically what he was doing, William answered, “And the Kitten too.”  Nan was taking care of a 3 week old kitten and I wasn’t sure if the little one was still with her so I added in a text, “And the kitten too?”  Nan confirmed that The Kitten was still with her.  I looked into Williams’s eyes and asked him what he was doing and this was his reply: “I am working to avert a war in the Middle East.” My jaw dropped and I could only stare at William as he continued.  “What do you think the Watchers are doing?  We are working to avert a senseless war and have done so multiple times for a very long time. The difference is that now we have a lot more help.”  William then blinked and averted his eyes.  I must say the brevity of his statement and the matter-of–fact-ness of his tone took me by surprise.  This exchange with William and Nan occurred on Monday August 26th. By the end of that week, the Brits had declined to back a strike on Syria but  President Obama and other members of the US government spoke out vehemently saying that an airstrike on Syria was imminent.  Then suddenly Obama wanted congressional approval and was changing his stance.  Throwing anything important into the Congress of the United States will  only ensure that it will die a slow death.  At the very least it will  become embroiled in a sea of crap and emerge looking nothing like it did when it entered.

Then another turn of events occurred when  the “president” of Syria proclaimed that he would allow his chemical weapons to be destroyed.  I can only imagine what was actually going on behind the scenes between the governments involved but it seems that any threatening military action is being averted, for now.

I must mention that Jack and a few other horses in his group were inexplicably lame from Friday, August 31 until Monday September 2.  Jack explained this lameness as releasing, exchanging, and uploading energy to assist in the process of averting a war in the Middle East. 

For me, this entire event made be believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this planet is receiving tangible help in more ways than we possibly know or can even imagine at this time.  And most importantly, there is a formidable fighting force on our side and they are cloaked in fur, walk on 4 legs, breathe carbon dioxide, or swim in the oceans. Many of you have these brave soldiers living under your roof or in your backyard. Our animals empower us, protect us, heal us, all while serving the Greater Good.

Onto water based news…

My name is Dawna and I am speaking on behalf of the Dolphin Collective.

The recent die off of Dolphin was by design and should not be viewed or felt as anything less than an evolutionary leap for this planet.  We were/are anchoring energy that was designated to be released when the Triad opened.  As we left our physical bodies, we were able to surface an immense amount of dense energy that had been trapped within the Earth herself.  In addition, the Gaia Matrix continues to be slowly and methodically brought on-line.  The Gaia Matrix is what will enable all whom dwell upon the Earth and desire to be, interconnected.  However, in order for this to be accomplished the Earth and the ideals which exist now, and indeed how almost all societies, i.e. collective consciousnesses operate, must literally be turned up-side down.  What is unfair must be reconciled to be Fair, what is unjust must become Just; Wealth and Abundance for the few must become Abundance for All, and so forth. The conditions upon which you incarnated are not in alignment with what you know should and will exist.  This is but one of the reasons why the current state of affairs makes no sense to you because the status quo does not exist within your being.  Many of you have incarnated into this existence and time to assist in “flipping” the current reality. Literally turning the current status quo upside-down and this is just one aspect of the Ascension process. 

I will also mention at this time that numerous paths to Ascension have now been opened and activated.  The Earth is Ascending and all whom dwell upon Her are Ascending but the process of Ascension is very different for all factions of life. Most beings will most likely take the path of least resistance to Ascension that is offered to them.  Some however, will choose not to follow the path of least resistance.  Instead, they will choose to take the track that will afford them an awakened elevation of consciousness and interconnection.   That is the path that many of the early awakened have been offering and that is what the Watchers are offering.  This path is no better than the others as a needed number of beings are required to occupy each path of Ascension in order to balance the entire process.  The ego of humanity is the only thing that offers separation and validity to certain paths of Ascension.  


Dawna, Representative of the Dolphin Collective

Now onto the Blue Whale…

 Heellllooo!!! Bubbles of Wonderfulness to You All!

I am filled with utter JOY at the current happenings because it means that you will soon to be able to connect to each other and all that dwell on this magnificent planet in a far more meaningful way.  All of the energies that the Watchers have shared have been intended to reach those who are seeking a path to the highest frequency elevation possible for this planet.  By doing so, they will collaterally elevate the rest of humanity.

When you have the ability to connect, it will bring tears of Joy into your being as your soul has been denied this connection for far too long.  You yearn to be reconnected to each other and all beings that dwell upon the Earth both seen and unseen.  This, my friends, is a natural state of being!  A state of disconnection is unnatural and only fuels the negative aspects of your ego.

Being disconnected is what makes life on this planet so darn difficult.  You come from a place where you are connected to everything as Love and Light fills your being then, as you descend down into mother’s womb, it is a difficult transition to become so heavy and dense.  If that weren’t enough, you are suddenly aware of negative and heavy emotion and that is something you haven’t felt in a long time. These heavy emotions and dense energy are what cause you to become disconnected from the Light.  Once the human skull solidifies, around the age of 2, the disconnection is nearly complete.  We the Whale, never lose this connection because our connection never solidifies.  Our “blow hole” is our perpetual connection to the etheric realm!

You will have moments when you are able to connect and at other times will feel a deep disconnection. With every passing moment, we are returning to a natural state of being and that my friends, is a deep and meaningful connection to All THAT IS. This is the reality that we are working to create and Be. However, it will take time…

I had received so many wonderful questions and when I sat poised to answer them, nothing came.  I was a little dejected because personally, these were questions that I wanted answered but no information was forthcoming. I then posed the question: “Why can’t you answer these questions?”

The reply was:

“Each message The Watchers release contains not only information but a matrix as well.  These matrices are  intended to target not only the connected readers but the Watchers within the vicinity of the energy release of the message.   Only questions and answers that fall within the specified matrix can be addressed at this time.”  

The Blue Whale will now answer your questions…

Daryl Sprout asks:

 If I may ask (wow I’ve always wanted to meet a blue whale eye to eye) are you currently occupying the oceans of Mother Earth and where does this question find you, are you able if so to overcome the toxicity of the waters or does this give you trouble, and is it true that sylphs are the “blue whales of the sky” and are you in communication with them?

My Dearest Daryl:

I am speaking on behalf of my pod, meaning I am a consciousness and not a singular being as Jack is.  BUT I am one Whale transmitting the collective thoughts and energy on behalf of my pod.  

We the Whale, as well as Dolphin and many other underwater brethren, have what humans would refer to as incredible healing capabilities.  We can easily recover from seemingly fatal bites and this is due largely to our elevated frequency.  If not eaten or mortally wounded and can escape from a predator, we will heal quickly.

We generally stay away from areas that are known to be toxic but I am somewhat able to deflect the toxicity of the water as I have a protective coating on my being.  However this barrier is lost when we become “domesticated” and this leaves us susceptible to dis-ease while in captivity.    In addition to the physical barriers that I am afforded I also have an energetic barrier, similar to what you would understand as an Aura, which emanates far and wide however certain frequencies can easily penetrate this barrier.  This is something that will change as we become more interconnected with humanity and all of Earth’s children. Your collective and connective thoughts will be able to shield us.  This is something that you can begin to do now.  See us and all animals as being surrounded by an impenetrable energy barrier of Love.  This will help us all tremendously.  However, please do not send us protective energy borne out of fear or negativity as this will not serve our well-being.

I want to also mention that I can sense and transmit sound for hundreds of miles.  Whales live and work as a unit and although there may be many miles that separate us, we are still operating as one. 

About the Sylphs…  The Sylphs of the Air are the Air.  They are not the Blue Whale of the air as I am limited in existence compared to them.  They have incredible freedom and are not bound by physicality.  The Air has mass and the sylphs are the mass and they are also the conductors of that mass.  They are the ones that gift you with feathers! 

On Land, however, the Elephant is my counterpart and we are in frequent communication.  It may be difficult to comprehend but they can sense my frequency through the land and I can sense their vibration through the water even though we are very far apart geographically.  We are able to send messages through the magnetic lines that run in, around and through the Earth.  These lines also exist in the cosmos and connect to the moon, sun and every planet in the Solar System and beyond.  Once humanity figures this out, it is how you will be able to travel quickly to the far reaches of the Universe.  In the near future, physical lines of communication will no longer be necessary as you will able to connect to anyone at any time over these lines in the Earth and the cosmos.    

You see my friends, although all animals exist in in the 4th dimension, some are born with heightened senses just as some humans are born into this world more awake than others.   The Animae, and the Watchers among them, are undergoing an evolution in consciousness as well.  As you evolve, that elevation extends to everyone and everything in your vicinity.  As you awaken, so do the animals, plants and mineral in your lives and are connected to you. 

Suzanne Rhodes McKelvie asks:

Dear Blue Whale, How is our DNA changing and will diseases such as cancer be a thing of the past?  Thank you so much for all you do.

Dearest Sister Suzanne. Too na so tee na say! (Much Love to you!)

In my opening statement, I described your current and historical state of disconnection and this is one of the foundations of dis-ease. In my previous message, I gave another example of dis-ease born from the subjugated trauma over lifetimes and the disruption of the pineal gland.

Being separated from All That Is, creates a morbid state of disconnection and allows dis-ease to manifest. Because your being longs to be reconnected, some are programmed to manifest disease in order to die physically so the soul can be reunited with Source energy.

Some of the dark ones are absent an emotional body and therefore thrive on strong negative energy. As the frequency of the Earth is increasing and fear is slowly dissipating, their hold on humanity also begins to fade.  As you continue to slowly reconnect to each other and return to a natural state of being, your ability to feed the dark ones also fades.  This is why they create the illusion of fear and continue to cause disruptions because humanity becomes embroiled in illusion of the fear that they create.  As you begin to release yourselves from the collective illusion, you release yourself from the collective negative energy. Your ego is also cleansed and their supply of fear is also lessened.   Without giving them the food in the form of fear, they will eventually starve and be forced to release themselves from this planet in totality. 

The fear of illness, suffering and death that comes when one is affected with dis-ease is powerfully negative.  In the future, dis-ease will not exist but we cannot realize that state in an instant, it will take time.  However, evolution occurs much more quickly than science has led you to believe.  Once the tides have turned, energy builds behind the current and pushes it to shore in the form of a crashing wave. 

DNA upgrades and clearing have been ongoing, collectively, since October of 2011 and for some, this process began over a decade ago.  This will explain physical maladies you experienced that modern medicine was unable to diagnose. This is because your body was recalibrating to the awakening of dormant DNA, not because something was medically wrong with you. 

Nan asks:

Dear Blue Whale, would you be willing to tell us your name?

My Dear, Nan.  OOH moe say tonay mee-sa.

My name is The Blue Whale!  Ah no maynee seetan ah-no-mayne seetah.  Laugh with me!    Now on to your question and I am going to offer you a name as I am now shining Light on Jack.  It is not time to delve completely into his history but I will tell you that Jack’s true name is Solus.  I would not be surprised if you sense a shift in energy right now as you read this revelation…

Solus is an anachronism for souls.  A separation from your wholeness haunts all of you.    A deep yearning to be reunited as a whole being can be all consuming or be just an annoying background voice. This craving for wholeness is what makes one choose directions that you know are not in alignment with your Higher Self.  The really great news is that now, with the current energies being afforded to the Earth, separation is merely an illusion and the realization of wholeness, for many, is just around the corner!  Please say aloud:

Oh na mee soot ay nats soot.  Anee mas ahh-nome ahh clah dee. 

Peace will envelope you as a momentary reconnection is made… now.

 Dear Blue Whale what is your relationship to dolphins? Why do whales and sharks and even dolphins attack humans? Do the watchers of different animal species communicate with each other? Are you directly communicating with source? Thank You. In Love and deep Gratitude, Annette

Dearest Annette

I will answer your last question first:

I am in constant contact with my brethren; the Animae as well as  inner and outer worldly beings.  I am well connected to “my home”  and know I will return there when I leave my physical body. Physical death is not an ending, it is merely a birthing into another, more evolved existence.  

There are 3 reasons why sharks attack humans:  One reason is because they are mistaken for food.  Although the shark knows on some level that the human vibrations don’t quite match with a known food source, they are nevertheless in a known prey area and are exhibiting a known behavior of a prey source.  This is why the shark would dismiss the initial reading and go for a taste bite.  Another reason is that humans are exposing themselves to areas where the shark feeds. Therefore, the human is deemed a threat or competition to their food source and is attacked. 

The shark would also immediately recognize the human as being a high level predator and would view them as a threat to their food source. 

The final reason is that there is an evolutionary scale to the shark species.  Some shark species are simply more evolved than others.  The Tiger shark and the Bull shark are lower evolved of the sharks and will eat not only humans, but anything without discrimination.  The Great white and the Greenland shark would not do this unless they are starving as they deem eating humans as almost cannibalistic.

Dolphins and whales will attack humans because they are impinging somehow on their domain, it is time for mating, or they simply are angry with humans because they have been consistently bothered by humans at inopportune moments.  Humans constantly impinge on the domain of marine life in search of knowledge but the humans do not take into account many factors.  At times, human presence is deemed merely as being intrusive and at other times, threatening.

Dolphin will attack each other because the individual is acting out of the norm and needs to be made an example of and this will happen because a powerful matriarch is not present.  A juvenile male will assume the lead role and will dole out punishment.  This will not occur within a pod where a strong matriarch is in leadership. 

I want to mention that in my view, Killer Whales are Dolphins but with a “twist”.  They are the bridge between the Whale and Dolphin.  They too have been misrepresented and misinterpreted by humanity. They are Highly intelligent, highly social, and very carnivorous.  They are mischievous and sometimes their behavior can be viewed as cruel.  However, you must keep in mind that all life has chosen to be on this planet to experience what this planet has to offer.  And what She offers cannot be found anywhere else in the combination that exists here.

The Beluga Whale-the mermaid of the seas-hiding behind her perpetual smile as does the Dolphin.  She is the Guardian of the inner water realms and holder of great Magic.

The Killer Whale is the bridge between the Dolphin and the Whale.  Heavy and dense is their energy as many are experiencing this planet for the first time and marvel at the diversity offered by this planet. 

The Shark-all species are quite varied with the Great White being at the highest end of the evolutionary scale to the Hammer head which is in transition as she is in the process of evolving into a Ray.  

The Seal-also closely related to mermaids-highly intelligent and one step removed from the dolphin and Beluga Whale.

The Polar Bear-She holds the power to the supernatural and She is the bridge between the inner and outer worlds.  She assists all of humanity in illuminating the inner Light that exists within All. 

The Horse.  Highly evolved and intelligent.  But yet keeps their true nature and purpose hidden.  If not for the horse, humanity would have never evolved. The horse has been the transportation, the chariot, and the protector of humanity since the time before last. 

The Dog-Blessed with unconditional Loyalty.  Without His silent healing and quiet unconditional companionship, love and loyalty, humans would not have had the strength to venture out of the darkness.  Dogs have been the companions of humans since antiquity and were often sent into the unknown to retrieve information. Not only were they invaluable during a hunt, they kept many soldiers alive during times of War as they can see and smell into forest and into the ground.  They could then alert their human of impending danger.  They will often sacrifice their own lives in order to save their human  He embodies and balances the Divine Masculine energies.

The Cat-She carries the Light of Merlin.  She also works closely with the Crow/Raven and Fox, in carrying and spreading the energy of Magic.  Magic is real my friends and it is now time to reawaken to the Magic that exists all around us! 

The Fox is the bridge between species, in this case the Cat and Dog/Wolf. They are lone creatures and just seeing one, dead or alive,  is a blessing.  If they choose to show themselves to you, a blessing is forthcoming. 

The Turkey-the Earth Eagle-although sometimes portrayed as being “dumb” this is a sad misnomer.  They are silly creatures but very cunning at the same time.  They capture the energy of the Air elements and ground them into the Earth, hence their airy demeanor.   They are highly intelligent but can be scattered and ungrounded.  This is due to their role of pulling in energy from the etheric realm and grounding it into the Earth; a most difficult job indeed.   

Jolie Yvonne  asks:

Beautiful Blue Whale, is there really life on the inside of our planet Gaia? I have heard there are crystal cities and a race of highly evolved beings. Is this true and will we meet them sometime soon?

Oh my sweet Jolie there most certainly is.

The Earth is riddled with underground and underwater societies.  I am in contact with some of the underwater beings.  Entrances into these areas are dotted all over the Earth.  The poles are the most direct way to enter the Terra sanctuaries and this is one of the reasons why they are so difficult to reach.  There are many additional doorways into the inner-dimensional Earth, some are in the Southwest United States, some are in Africa, Australia, South America and some are in the Oceans.  More of these portals are opening as we speak. 

There are elf, fairy and nature-beings that dwell within the Earth as well as extraterrestrial societies that are mining minerals and crystals that they need on their own worlds.  Some of these beings are beneficial and some are neutral and some are nefarious.  They exist mostly in other dimensional realities but are here now nevertheless.  As the Earth and all whom dwell upon her Ascend wholly and collectively, these societies and the means to contact them will come to light.  This time will also see the ease of communication that I spoke of earlier in this message. 

 Thank-you Blue Whale for your helping us in this process of awakening from the illusion of duality.

I too have been awaiting humanity’s realization of Oneness with all life, and return to caring for all creation. My question relates to our creation of highly toxic Radioisotopes in our nuclear reactors. I have calculated we have made 100,000 tons of long lived DNA-damaging elements.

Do the Galactic Brethren have a plan for dealing with this? I cannot see myself Ascending and leaving this deadly mess behind!

Ahh nah say-ka atoh mee tocah! Cocasaya  Kotao!


My Brother, ohh-na too may see-to-may ahh-saa-toe me.  Worry not, for it burdens your being. 

To answer your question somewhat succinctly –the release of the Funds of Prosperity will enable humans to solve their own problems and the evolution of this planet will enable the masses to awaken to the validity of these solutions. 

I will now answer this question more broadly and indirectly.  Through the release of the Funds of Prosperity, revolutionary ideas will begin to surface.  As humanity awakens and begins to sow Her oats, She will no longer accept the status quo and will demand new and better ways to solve not only environmental issues but multiple topics that plague this planet.  Although the Earth is in Dire Straits in many ways and the alarm has been sounded, it continues to fall largely on deaf ears due to the power of the collective unconsciousness and the dark powerful influences that are still in place.  That will  tangibly change soon enough.  The means to solve most of the Earth’s environmental issues have been known for some time, some as early in the last century and some ideas can be traced back to antiquity.  The oil companies buy or suppress many of the revolutionary and threatening ideas from the brilliant individuals.  Many of those who receive revolutionary ideas do not have the means necessary to bring their ideas to fruition or have dug a deep financial hole in order to give birth to their creation.   Money, intimidation and even murder have been used to silence anything that is deemed a threat to their existence.  I can tell you that the hold that the oil companies have over this world is beginning to loosen and we should all now take a deep breath.

Nuclear energy has caused uproar since its inception and now that voice is growing louder.  The Japanese government is just now releasing more information regarding the leakage of the Nuclear Reactors that were damaged by the sea.  They have severely under reported the actuality of the damage, but this is not unusual when a disaster occurs.  The important detail is that it is somewhat unusual to admit merely a year and a half after the fact that the situation is far worse than  originally reported. This usually takes decades to come to light, if it ever even surfaces at all.  This in of itself is testimonial to things are changing.  Right now, Galactic Brethren are assisting in de-pollution of this planet and this will continue to assist until humanity can take the reins.  Humans have also been called to help heal the waters and have been empowered with the ability to invoke change.  Water has an incredible ability to absorb energy both positive and negative as reported and researched by Masaru Emoto. 

I will also mention that Humans have heeded the call of Ascension and now have the ability to activate energies and beings that exist within the Oceans to cleanse the Waters that dwell within us all. 

I can only Thank You with my words but I sincerely hope you can feel the Love and Appreciation that I have for All of You.  Without you to spread the energy of the Watchers, they would be not only be silent, but powerless. 

Love to you All

The Watchers,



We are on the crest of wave of magnificence!

Greetings Earthlings!

Thank you all for your blessings! Along with the incoming astrological events, your thoughts and prayers have elevated my mood tremendously.  I am recharging at full speed, and we are about to receive an incredible influx of energy and elevation, pursuant to our evolution.

Hold on to your hats, because it’s going to be great fun as well, especially for those who are born under a Fire and Earth sign. The Water and Air signs will have their turn closer to the Autumnal Equinox but should nevertheless experience some of the energies now.  The Leos will feel it the strongest, standing at the front of the energy line from now until the middle of August.  Everyone is beginning to feel their power and will begin to sense the need to ROAR!  This summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) will bring monumental astrological alignments, opening doorways and portals that have been closed for millennia. 

We, the inhabitants of Earth, are being reintroduced to Mother Universe.  We are, once again, being aligned with planets and corridors of energy that will elevate us All.  We are being given back our POWER, which will enable us to achieve the reconnection that we all have longed for, and that is an interconnection to All That Is.  Can you tell that I’m excited?  Humanity is evolving into a new Era that will create not only a New Paradigm and New World Order but will bring sweeping changes to how we function on a day to day basis.  Personally, I have been hiding behind an incredibly heavy veil of illusion, as have all of my Nature brethren and that will begin to change very soon.

My Friends, drink in the upcoming energies, as they will elevate you.  We are being afforded a change in consciousness, one that will allow us all to see what we have been missing for a very long time.

Jack, The Watcher